Breakout Session 4

Gaming for a Resilient Future:
Designing Net-zero Energy Campuses

Verified net-zero energy (ZNE) buildings are growing. However, the vast majority of them are buildings smaller than 25,000 square feet. What is the right scale for this trend? A common approach to a ZNE building is by providing adequate renewable energy through solar panels on the roof or on open parking lots. Such an approach has a number of limitations that can be overcome by planning ZNE at a campus level.

We’ll elevate the conversation of achieving ZNE and energy cost savings at a campus level. As institutions are required to holistically plan for overall resiliency, ZNE, payback and best-management practices, rethinking buildings as part of larger campus systems provides innovative, integrated utility solutions and strategies.

This session will begin by introducing the ZNE universe and related challenging nomenclature. Through case studies, the discussion will engage the audience and help visualize campus level planning challenges and opportunities. Through hands-on exercises involving poker chips representing energy units, attendees will apply energy concepts through multiple perspectives of ZNE, campus sustainability, and programmatic goals.

About the Speaker: Prem Sundharam

Prem Sundharam

Prem is an architect with an engineering background and is a passionate advocate for sustainable design and the aims of Architecture 2030. An industry recognized thought leader on sustainability and high performance building design, Prem serves as the Global Sustainability Leader at DLR Group. In this role, he leads firm wide performance based design initiatives and develops long-term strategies for a more environmentally responsible design practice.

Prem has served on the board of USGBC Arizona Chapter and has been recognized as an emerging leader by the Design Futures Council in 2014. He is a Certified Energy Manager, a certified Building Energy Modeling Professional and has taught courses on net-zero energy design and simulation.

About the Speaker: Lindsey Perez

Lindsey Perez

Lindsey Piant Perez is one of DLR Group's sustainable design experts and serves as a national resource on LEED, Green Globes, and Architecture 2030 project planning and certification processes.

A passionate advocate for integrated design, she works with project teams to incorporate sustainable strategies in every project. Lindsey is highly proficient with communicating and maintaining open lines of communication between all parties, with personal attention to every detail. Lindsey has been involved with more than 500,000 SF of renovation projects for educational clients and is intimately familiar with the management and coordination of these K-12 and Higher Education projects.