EarthX Volunteer Talking Points

​What Should I Say To Dallas College's Booth Visitors?

Key Message

One person can make a difference!

Communication Goals

  1. Inspire booth visitors to make a positive difference in their community and the world. 
  2. Get them to think about what actions they can take in their own lives. 

Here are some questions they can ask themselves: 

  • How can I live more sustainably?
  • How can I help my employer/business operate more sustainably?
  • How can I encourage my community/state/nation to operate more sustainably?

Communication Tools

17 Sustainable Development Goals were developed by the United Nations, who gathered stakeholder input from people all around the world. They show us what a sustainable world looks like. For more information, visit

Project Drawdown is a list of more than 100 solutions that are available now to help us achieve a sustainable world and lessen the effects of the climate changes we already are facing. The "Top 15 Solutions U Can Do" are solutions from Project Drawdown that individuals can do themselves. The remainder are solutions that states/nations/business and industry must undertake. ​

What are the global benefits of living more sustainably?

  • Social benefits include:
    • No poverty; zero hunger; good health and well-being; quality education; gender equality; reduced inequalities; peace, justice and strong institutions; and partnerships for the goals.
  • Economic benefits include:
    • Decent work and economic growth; industry, innovation and infrastructure.
  • Environmental benefits include:
    • Affordable, clean energy; sustainable communities; responsible consumption and production; climate action; life below water; and life on land.