A Message from the President

Dr. José Adames, El Centro President

Dear Student:

Welcome to El Centro. In 1966, El Centro was established in the heart of downtown Dallas as the first college as part of the Dallas County Community College District, now Dallas College. We are proud of the more than 50 years of educating responsible citizens and transforming lives through higher education. When you join the El Centro family, you are beginning a journey of learning and self discovery that is academically, socially and personally transformative because we value you as a person.

This website provides valuable information about El Centro that will help in your success. You will find information about the administration, mission, locations, directory, academics and student services. There are descriptions of the services and activities available to you, as well as the rules governing academic and student life.

I encourage you to take advantage of advisement and faculty resources we make available. Never hesitate to ask for help. Everyone at El Centro is committed to your success!  

Thank you for choosing El Centro. I hope your year ahead is challenging and successful!


Dr. José Adames
President, El Centro Ca​mpus of Dallas College