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You can look forward to participating in these sessions at the Feb. 15 Las Llaves event:

For Students

  • Stars on the Rise
  • Financial Aid: Paying for College
  • College 101: Student Panel
  • How to Choose the Right Career for You
  • College Entrance Exams — More Than Just a Test
  • Writing a Winning Essay
  • How to Choose the Right College for You
  • My College Dilemma: Solved by the College Feud

For Parents (in English)

  • Financial Aid: Paying for College
  • Parent Panel
  • Dreamers: Making Your Dreams a Reality
  • Scholarships and Financial Planning
  • Parent Involvement
  • The Key to Your Success — BHC Continuing Education
  • Education Tax Credit
  • Free Tax Preparation

For Parents (in Spanish)

  • Ayuda Financiera: Cómo Pagar la Universidad
  • Becas y Planificación Financiera
  • Charla Entre Padres
  • Participación de los Padres
  • Dreamer: Haz tu Sueño Realidad
  • Educación de Créditos Fiscales
  • Educación Continua
  • Preparación de Impuestos Gratuita