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A New!


DCCCD’s website has changed — for the better! has been reorganized and redesigned.

For an overview of the navigation changes, check out our brief tutorial video:

If you're interested in information specifically geared towards DCCCD employees, please see our employee tutorial video.

We’re going to take a moment to highlight some of the changes to the website, explain some of the changes and help you find things you may be looking for.

screen shot of new navigation categories

The Megabar and New Categories for Information

You’ll probably notice the biggest change to our website first: new information categories. Gone are the “current student” and “future student” categories — they’ve been replaced with these more intuitive “task-based” categories. To find out more about how the redesign process went, and how decisions about these categories were developed, read “The Redesign Process.”

The most popular information on our website was organized into these categories:

  • Why DCCCD?
  • Classes & Degrees
  • Paying for College
  • Schedules
  • Student Services
  • Colleges

To see what’s in these sections, just hover your mouse/cursor over the title of the section. The megabar opens, and links to the information in that section appear. 

Inside the Megabar

It’s called the megabar because this one navigation bar has multiple links viewable at the same time. This allows you to see the links in that section all together, compare the information in that section and decide which link you want to click on more easily.

screen shot of Why DCCCD? megabarWhy DCCCD?

The first section of the megabar is Why DCCCD? This section is about the benefits of a DCCCD education, and explains to future students why we think DCCCD is a great choice for their educational needs. It’s divided into three sections: What We Offer, Apply to DCCCD and Register.




screen shot of Classes and Degrees megabarClasses & Degrees

The second section of the megabar is Classes & Degrees. In this section you can find links to all of the types of classes and programs DCCCD provides, including Degrees, Certificates & Classes for Transfer Credit, Continuing Education and Distance Learning courses. The last section, Resources, contains links to related resources such as the Catalog, eConnect Class Schedules, Libraries and the Academic Calendar.



screen shot of Paying for College megabarPaying for College

The middle section of the megabar is Paying for College. This is where you’ll find direct links to information on how to pay for college, including links to financial aid, what a DCCCD education costs, scholarships, and when and where to pay for classes.

The first section, What Will It Cost?, helps guide students through the planning process of paying for college at DCCCD, no matter how they choose to pay.

The next section, Financial Aid, directs them to important Financial Aid pages should they choose to apply for it. 

The third section, Scholarships & Other Aid, helps them find other resources to pay for college.

The fourth and final section of this bar shows students When & Where to Pay for college.


screen shot of Schedules megabarSchedules

A new concept for, this set of links takes students directly to schedules for many different types of classes. Sections include

  • Credit Cass Schedules (By Type) including Flex Term, Fast Track and many more
  • Credit Class Schedules (By Location)
  • Continuing Education Class Schedules

There are also resources for registering for classes such as eConnect, the Academic Calendar, Registration Dates and so on.


screen shot of Student Services megabarStudent Services

Next is Student Services. This section groups services available to students by type. 

Academics include college services such as Advising and Tutoring. 

Online Services include student services accessed primarily online, such as eCampus, eConnect and Student NetMail.

On-Campus Services are services accessed physically at the location such as Fitness facilities, Counseling & Guidance services and Veterans Services. 

Fourth is the section on Student Life services including student organizations, Athletics and Service Learning. 


screen shot of Colleges megabarColleges

The last section of the megabar is Colleges. This menu is divided into three sections:

  • Maps & Locations includes links to maps of each of our locations.
  • College Websites provides direct links to each of the college websites.
  • About DCCCD repeats information also housed at the bottom of the page about DCCCD as a whole.


That is the megabar in a nutshell — links may change, and categories may be renamed, but we hope that this new, more inclusive method of navigating our website will help everyone find the information they are looking for more easily.

When in Doubt, Search!

Change is difficult, and if you use a lot, you may be concerned that you can’t find something in the new design. If you’re afraid you won’t be able to find what you’re looking for, or aren’t sure what category something has been moved to, you can always search! The search function of the website is as robust as ever, and you should be able to find whatever you’re looking for via the search function.

The New Image Slider

screen shot of new image slider areaJust under the megabar is the new image slider.

The image we have there now won’t change for a few weeks while everybody gets adjusted to the new website. But it will soon be replaced with a slideshow of images about our programs, opportunities for students and other current information.




The Middle of the Page

Mid Section ImageBelow the slider are three information sections: Registration Dates, Get Started at DCCCD and Student Services.

The Registration Dates section will have links to the semesters you can register for now, dates for upcoming semesters, as well as a link to the current academic calendar. You’ll always know at a glance what you can register for now, and what’s coming up next!

Get Started at DCCCD shows new students how to start their DCCCD career with information about the application process and steps they need to take to become a student.

Student Services has links to the top services students need to access quickly, such as Advising, eConnect, eCampus, Transcripts and much more. This way students can come to our homepage and, with one click, easily access the services they need.


Lower Middle Section ImageThe Lower Middle Section

Below that are sections for the Calendar, Student Info Blog, Financial Aid, DCCCD News and Get Social.

The Calendar has upcoming district events as well as academic dates, with links directly to those calendar entries. You can also click on the Calendar link and visit the full calendar or see past events.

The Student Info Blog section in the middle of the page has the most up-to-date news for students. This section displays and has links directly to the most recent Student Info Blog posts. The Student Info Blog has been very effective in disseminating consistent financial aid information and updates districtwide.

The Financial Aid section has quick, direct links to the most popular financial aid pages, as well as a link to the main financial aid site. 

Get Social! is where we connect with students on our social networks. It has links directly to our social network sites such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, as well as recent posts from those sites.

Last but not least is DCCCD News — this is where the serious news about districtwide initiatives and press releases are.

Bottom Nav Section


Bottom Navigation

Further down the page is the bottom navigation bar.

Contact Us contains links for people to use to contact various DCCCD departments. It also includes links to our Frequently Asked Questions, or FAQs.

Jobs/Human Resources offers an easy way to access information about jobs available at DCCCD, human resources information for employees and information about jobs for students.

Employees has moved over largely unchanged. We didn't want to make too many changes to this section of the website until the new employee portal launches.  

Businesses/Community is also largely unchanged except for its new location. Businesses and community members who need to access resources on our website can find them here.

About Us includes information about DCCCD’s history and administration, including the Board of Trustees and the Chancellor’s Office.


Header imageBack to the Top of the Page

Finally, we want to bring your attention back to the top of the page.

We’ve still got our logo linked to the homepage so you can get back to it with one click. Our search box is where it was in the original design and works pretty much the same way it did before.

We’ve kept the colleges bar across the top of the page, but we’ve changed it to brown to better fit into the site’s new neutral color scheme. 

The search box is on the right side at the top of the page, in pretty much the same place it was in in the last design — if you can't find what you're looking for first thing, give search a shot!


Thank You

So that’s a short tour of the features of our new home page and the navigation you’ll see throughout the website. We’ll be making slight alterations, and some things may not work like we want them to right out of the gate; we want to thank you in advance for your patience during the transition.

We'd love to hear what you think abut the redesign! We welcome you to fill out this survey to give us feedback about the new site. As always, if you have any questions you can also contact the Internet Publishing Team at

DCCCD Employees

Still looking for specific information? Take a moment to view our tutorial video for DCCCD employees. It will give you a quick overview on finding information specifically geared towards district employees.