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Clubs and Organizations


Ask any college graduate what their favorite memories of college are. Chances are they'll mention at least one that involves hearing a special speaker who opened their mind to a new idea, seeing a live performance, or participating in a club or organization with like-minded people. All of these activities are part of the "college experience," and, at the colleges of DCCCD, the Student Life offices are responsible for providing it.

Each college of DCCCD has a Student Life Office that provides programs and activities to enhance your educational experience. They also offer activities that are just plain fun, because they know you sometimes need to refresh your spirits and take a break from your intense study and work schedules.

Drop by your college's Student Life Office and find out what it has to offer. By the way, educational research shows that students who join clubs and organizations or otherwise get involved in campus life tend to succeed in their studies.

Members of student clubs and organizations can get risk management training through an informative video.

Learn more about the clubs and organizations at you​r college: