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Mountain View College College Clubs and Organizations


Anime and Asian Film Club
Club Description: Exposes students to Asian culture through film, music, video games and other areas of pop culture.
Jesse Gonzalez, 214-860-3640

Art Club
Club Description: Promotes the growth of interest in and appreciation of the arts and fosters continued learning.
Advisor: Tina Medina, 214-860-3654

Astrophysics Society
Club Description: Promotes students with a love for the sciences by providing services to our community and Earth.
Shanaz Sokhansanj, 214-860-8630

Aviation Club
Club Description: Promotes MVC avionics and electronics, provides a networking forum for students and helps enhance students’ education in the avionics and electronics industry.
Advisor: Richard Parra, 214-860-8566

Black Student Organization (BSO)
Club Description: Assists students in developing an awareness of African-American heritage and culture through interaction and trips.
Advisor: Lorraine Hoodjack, 214-860-8767

Brother to Brother
Club Description: Provides an avenue for all students (although targeting male students) to participate in meaningful discussions, social activities, mentoring programs, tutoring, and field trips.
Advisor: David Morales, 214-860-3637

Chemistry and Engineering Club
Club Description: Foster leadership development through the coordination of educational awareness projects focused on chemistry and engineering.
Advisor: Jesse Fox, 214-860-8653

Chess Club
Club Description: Promote an interest in chess among the student body at MVC. Committed to helping students learn new skills, competitive strategies and good sportsmanship.
Advisor: David Barrientos, 214-860-3677

Criminal Justice Club
Club Description: Serve students and the community in a capacity to educate, inform, and advocate for good citizenship.
Advisor: Bill Drake, 214-860-8533

First Year Experience Club
Club Description: To support and encourage excellence in education and personal growth, self esteem and self confidence. 
Advisor: Kathy Taylor, 214-860-8557

LULAC (League of United Latin American Citizens)
Club Description: Promotes a positive image of the Hispanic community through cultural awareness and professional contacts.
Advisors: Aaron Sanchez, 214-860-3602; Celina Vasquez, 214-860-3643

MVC Drama Club
Club Description: Promote the arts through theatrical productions, while raising awareness of the importance of the arts and its different forms of expression.
Advisors: Nathan Cole, 214-860-3685; Rosalyn Walker, 214-860-8887

MVC Geology Club
Club Description: To educate about the benefits and impact the science of geology can have on the Earth.
Advisor: Lynn Millwood, 214-860-3652

MVC Haven Club
Club Description: To promote support and awareness for gay and lesbian students.
Advisor: Anthony Valdez, 214-860-8648

MVC International Club
Club Description: Develop and promote opportunities and activities for students to share their culture, values, and backgrounds with the campus community and raise global awareness.
Advisor: Florencio Alonso, 214-860-8514

MVC Magic
Club Description: Enhance student confidence, communication and performance technique through learning and performing magic.
Advisors: Dr. Geoff Grimes, 214-860-8747; Randy Clower, 214-860-8526

MVC Models Club
Club Description: Assists in informing students about on- and off-campus modeling opportunities.
Advisor: Donyan Rogers, 214-860-8638

MVC Skills USA
Club Description: Develop leadership skills and abilities. Create enthusiasm for learning, assist students in establishing realistic, vocational goals to improve quality of life.
Advisor: Dr. Stephen Jones, 214-860-5612  

MVC Unashamed Club
Romans 1:16
Club Description: Provides students opportunities for sharing Christ as well as spiritual growth through dynamic fellowship and service in the college community.
Advisors: Debbie Moreland-Nichols, 214-860-8890; Hattie Wyatt, 214-860-8670

Phi Theta Kappa
Club Description: The Omega Omega Chapter of the Phi Theta Kappa international honor society for two-year colleges; honors those who achieve academic excellence.
Advisor: Darius Frasure,, 214-860-8857

Rising Star Club
Club Description: Encourages members to strive for higher success and become more responsible and united.
Advisor: Lorena Faz, 214-860-3667

Sigma Delta Mu, XI de Texas
Club Description: Honors those who attain excellence in the study of the Spanish language and the literature and culture of Spanish-speaking peoples.
Advisor: Ulises Rodriguez, 214-860-8792

Society of  Nursing Students
Club Description: Contribute to nursing education, foster and enhance student responsibility within the health-care field, promote professional interest and concerns of modern nursing.
Advisor: Rochelle Self-Drake, 214-860-3694

S.T.A.R.S. Club
Supporting Teachers and Reaching Students
Club Description: Organization that supports students who are enrolled in the teacher education program at MVC.
Advisor: Gloria Garcia, 214-860-8729

Students for Life
Club Description: Serves as a pro-life organization to promote respect for life on a local, state and national level. To raise awareness, provide education about life issues, and be a helpful resource for those in need.
Advisor: N/A

Student Government Association
Club Description: Serves as the student voice, assists with programming and promotes student issues and concerns.
Advisors: Cathy Edwards, 214-860-8715; Steve Billingslea, 214-860-8660

TRiO/Focus Club
Club Description: Provides an additional forum for Trio students to interact with each other and promote Trio’s mission.
Advisors: Sylvia Faz, 214-860-8615; Tony Hall, 214-860-8589

Veterans Club
Club Description: Provides an avenue to appreciate the efforts and sacrifices that veterans have made for our country. To recognize and support the veterans within Mountain View College for their service to the military.
Advisor: Edmundo Calderon, 214-860-3632

Young Women’s Leadership Club
Club Description: Provide an opportunity for young women to develop skills for leadership roles with an emphasis on education, service learning and personal development.
Advisor: Mary Davies, 214-860-8560