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Eastfield College Clubs and Organizations


Student clubs allow individuals to discover and pursue special interests, abilities and skills, and to assume leadership roles in the community. Eastfield students interested in joining a student club or forming a new one should contact either the club advisor listed or the Office of Student Life, located in Room C-141, first floor of the campus center building. Call 972-860-7185. All student clubs must be officially recognized by the Office of Student Life.

  • Accounting Club
    To create networking opportunities with prominent
    accounting professionals and to perfect leadership skills of its members while developing a commitment to excellence.
    Regina Brown, 972-860-7119
  • All Sports
    To bring awareness of collegiate and professional sports to the student body.
    Michael Walker, 972-860-7166
  • Anime Society
    To promote Asian culture through animation, music and games.
    Phoenix Rousseau, 972-860-7163
  • Auto Body Club
    To share knowledge of collision repair.
    Carlos Ojeda, 972-860-7283
  • Baseball Booster Club
    To promote the baseball program and its facilities.
    Michael Martin, 972-860-7643
  • Communications Club
    To help students develop speech communication skills by
    participating in professional workshops and events.
     Mary Forrest, 972-860-7658, Bob Hopkins, 972-860-7124
  • Criminal Justice Club
    To further the goals of the Criminal Justice Club, to serve the Eastfield College community and to network with criminal justice professionals.
    Patrick Patterson, 972-860-7355
  • Drama Club
    To promote the dramatic arts and create a club where
    people interested in drama can socialize.
    Dustina Reasons, 972-860-7653
  • FC Diablos
    To promote leadership, teamwork and the importance of physical fitness to Autobody students by playing soccer.
    Carlos Ojeda, 972-860-7283, Ramiro Gutierrez, 972-860-7393
  • The Great Conversation
    To engage students in discussion regarding timeless pieces of literature, using shared inquiry.
    Kim Chandler, 972-860-7156, Shazia Ali, 972-860-7124
  • Human Services Community Service & Honor Club
    To promote high ideals and advances in excellence in the field of human services.
    Gloria Jackson, 972-860-7624
  • Journalism Club
    To bring together students interested in Journalism from all degree programs.
    Lori Dann, 972-860-7290, Caitlin Stanford, 972-860-8371
    To advocate equal opportunities for Hispanics/minorities relating to Government, Law and Business.
    Matt Hinckley, 972-860-7156, Cindy Castaneda, 972-860-7043, Katherine Cloer, 972-860-7156
  • Phi Theta Kappa-International Honor Society, (PTK)      
    To recognize and encourage scholarship, leadership,  
    fellowship and service among students.
    Sharon Cook,, 972-860-7629
  • Piano Club      
    To provide a culture of piano awareness, appreciation
    and performance among Eastfield students.
    Brenda Thompson, 972-860-7014, Pierrette Mouledous, 972-860-7136
  • Redemption
    Embark on a spiritual journey through Bible study.
    Brenda Thompson, 972-860-7014
  • Rising Star      
    To acclimatize students to college life, provide mentorship to area middle schools and provide socializing outside of Eastfield.
    Terry Wooten, 972-860-7353, Jema Lopez, 972-860-7327,  
    Shane Grant, 972-860-7264
  • Rotaract Club
    To provide opportunities for men and women to enhance
    personal development, and to promote a worldwide framework of friendship and service.
    John Emery, 972-860-7623
  • Salsa Club
    To learn how to dance the Salsa and to make new friends.
    Buddy Saucedo, 972-860-7351
  • Science
    Provide an opportunity for those interested in Science to encourage leadership in the field of Science and research worldwide.
    Rik Post, 972-860-8342, Vanessa Starr, 972-860-7341,
    Jeff Hughes, 972-860-7140
  • Secular Student Alliance     
    To promote secular values and to offer an environment where such ideas may be freely discussed.
    Michael Noble, 972-860-7081
  • Sigma Kappa Delta (SKD)      
    To provide cultural stimulation and promote interest in English on Eastfield College’s campus and in the community we serve, to foster students’ understanding of language and literature and to award outstanding achievement.
    Rufel Ramos, 972-860-7361
  • Soccer Booster Club
    To promote the advancement of the soccer program and its facilities.
    Amy Miller, 972-860-7378
  • Speaker’s Forum
    Develop students’ public speaking, plan campus activities, present students with opportunities to compete.
    Courtney Brazile, 972-860-7164
  • Videogame
    To collaborate and develop friendships between videogame players at Eastfield.
    Michael Noble, 972-860-7081, Anastasia Lankford, 972-860-7177
  • Volleyball Booster Club
    To support the volleyball program at Eastfield College.
    Audrey Glasscock, 972-860-7324
    Clubs in the process of organizing:
    Business Finance, Gay/Lesbian, Diversity Dinner


Monday through Friday
8 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Room: C-141