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Cedar Valley College


Student clubs allow individuals to discover and pursue special interests, abilities and skills, and to assume leadership roles in the community. Students interested in joining a student club or forming a new one should contact either the club advisor listed or the Office of Student Life (OSL). The OSL is located in Room D-104, first floor of the campus student center building, and can be reached at 972-860-8233. 

African American Student Association (AASA)
To exemplify the importance and excellence of the Black/African American heritage and desire to bring forth unity amongst the student body and all organizations as a whole.
Milan McGowen, 972-860-2996

Association for Computer Machinery
To promote education in technology and gain insight into computing careers.
Ginnette Serrano, 972-860-8109

Baptist Student Ministry
Fellowship, development and mission.
John Graff, 972-860-8284

Brother 2 Brother
To bring young men together for purpose and strength.
Joe Colbert, 972-860-8166

CAPS Club – Chemistry, Astronomy and Physics
To inspire interest in and initiate a deeper knowledge of science as well as to serve as a forum where those interested in scientific pursuits can meet, exchange ideas and obtain support in a free-spirited, noncritical way.
Christina Reeve Shull, 972-860-8168
Thomas Brayden, 972-860-8167
Kim Greer, 972-860-8242

Christian Student Union (CSU)
To lead students to personal faith in Jesus Christ, to help them grow as disciples and to equip them for a life of ministry to others.
Patty Slaughter, 972-860-8236
Susan Gordan, 972-860-8262

Commercial Music Association
To cultivate the college community and neighboring society by sharing, promoting, and developing appreciation for all genres of music.
Pamela Irwin, 972-860-8258

Dance Club
Develop leadership, encourage school spirit and to better CVC’s campus excitement.
Rosie Pleasant, 972-860-8048

Fellowship of Christian Athletes
Promote an opportunity for students to gather in a setting in order to provide spiritual leadership.
Paul Wisdon, 972-860-8178

Gay/Straight Alliance
To support, counsel, and fellowship among the community as a whole.
Lewis Giles, 972-860-8257

G-Force Club member’s objectives are to develop projects to support students and parents that a college education is possible and obtainable.
Fidel Guevara, 972-860-8084

Golf Club
Create team building through America’s Greatest game.
Jonas Young, 972-860-8118
Bob Stewart, 972-860-2983

Gospel Choir
To give students another outlet and a new view on life. Also, to minister to the heart of the people of this generation.
Michelle O’Quinn, 972-860-8199

Health Professionals Club
Share and inform all aspects of the professional medical field.
Ollivette Hill, 972-860-8297

Hip-Hop Club
Expression through dance and fellowship. 
Andrea Anderson, 972-860-2994
Shanika Robinson, 972-860-8144

Latin American Student Organization (LASO)
To enrich people’s lives with the greatness of the Latin culture and society.
Jose Rodriquez, 972-860-8058

Lumberjack Club
To create and maintain environmental consciousness on the campus of CVC.
LMark Epstien, 972-860-2961

To deepen understanding of mathematics and promote awareness.
Andrea Xeriland, 972-860-8062

Men of Distinction
To uplift young men on campus through leadership, scholarship and community.
Gurol Green, 972-860-8064
Shawn Johnson, 972-860-2974

Motor Sports Club
To allow students who share an interest in all things motorized to meet and fellowship.
Harold Hankerson, 972-860-8233

Phi Theta Kappa (PTK)
To participate in self-government through a democratic process, practice the fundamentals of citizenship and civic responsibility, develop qualities of leadership and promote an intellectual climate for exchange of ideas and ideals.
Tommy Thompson,, 972-860-8272
Miyoshi Holmes,, 972-860-8237
Rebekah Rios-Harris,, 972-860-8294

Poetry-Literary Club
To increase/promote literary awareness of and an appreciation for various literary genres. To express reality through written and spoken word.
Rebekah Rios-Harris, 972-860-8294

Pottery Club
Providing an environment for Students who enjoy creating with their hands.
Marl Epstien, 972-860-2961

Single Parents On A Mission
For single parent students to have a networking system.
Tayauana Hickman, 972-860-8233

Soulful Dreams
To display creative and performing arts.
Dan Rogers, 972-860-8075 

Step Team (CVC High Steppers)
To enrich school spirit through stepping.
Ron McDowell, 972-860-8177

Student Ambassadors
Students selected to serve as Ambassadors will represent CVC during high school outreach, campus tours, official college functions, community activities, conferences, new student orientation and special campus events.
Fidel Guevara, 972-860-8084

Student Art Association
Bringing together students from different artistic backgrounds.
Bill Crawford, 972-860-8046

Student Government Association
To serve and voice the needs of the students by acting as a liaison between the student body and the faculty/administration.
Miyoshi Holmes, 972-860-8237

Student Leadership Institute (SLI)
To help students learn the building blocks of effective leadership and become leaders in their communities.
Miyoshi Holmes, 972-860-8237

Student Newspaper
To provide a student newspaper to the Cedar Valley Campus that is entirely student written, designed and distributed.
Shaunte Allen, 972-860-8123
Suzanne Disheroon, 972-860-5204
Reggie Lewis, 972-860-8147

Study Abroad
To promote global learning for Cedar Valley Students.
Ruben Johnson, 972-860-8161
Olivia Guerra, 972-860-8067
Miyoshi Holmes, 972-860-8237

THEM –Theatre Helping Education Move
To use student created group performance to encourage students in this service area to further their educational choices.
Dan Rogers, 972-860-8075
CA Engleton, 972-860-2916

Tomorrow’s Teachers
To attract, encourage and mentor students interested in teaching.
Patty Slaughter, 972-860-8013

Veterinarian Technology Student Association (VTSA)
To promote the profession of veterinarian technology, interact with the community and provide a social organization for our students.
Aleta Chavez, 469-554-5836
Alliece Sommers, 972-860-8194
Bill Lineberry, 972-860-8163

Warriors For Christ
Uniting students under the Christian beliefs.
Patsy White, 972-860-8266

Women of Divinity
To uplift our young women on campus through leadership, scholarship and community.
Virginia Pate, 972-860-2902
Jackie Rhinehart, 972-860-8274