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Using the Calendar

Scheduling an Appointment

1. Click the Calendar icon. Calendar Icon Then click the Appointment link under the Create heading.

2. Type a recipient's address in the Required, Optional or Not Attending box. You must always provide a fully qualified domain with the recipient's address (for example,  instead of just "jason"), even if the recipient is hosted on the same server. Separate multiple addresses with a comma. Or, click the Address Book button to add recipients in the Required, Optional and Not Attending boxes. If you want to create a personal appointment that only displays in your Calendar, do not add additional names.

  • Specify the start month, day, year and beginning time for the appointment.
  • Specify the end month, day, year and end time for the appointment.
  • Type a subject and message. You can include Web site locations or addresses (URIs) in both the Subject and Message boxes.
  • If the appointment will occur on a regular basis, use the recurring settings.
  • Click the Send button.

 Deleting a Calendar Item or Appointment

  1. Open the Calendar.
  2. Click on the day.
  3. Place a mark in the calender item's check box. Then click the Delete button at the top of the Item List, or click the item to open it, then click the Delete button.