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About NetMail Web Interface

Where to Get Help

The NetMail Web interface comes with online help files. To find these files, click on the Help icon located in the toolbar on the top of the page.

About the Main Window

When you click on WebAccess, you'll open the main window (shown below), which is the starting point for many of the tasks you'll want to accomplish.



The toolbar provides icons that allow you to view your Mailbox, compose a message, search the Address Book, view your Calendar, open the online Help, change your WebAccess options, and exit WebAccess.

Toolbar Icons

  •  Help icon- Help icon
  •  Options icon- Options/Preferences icon
  •  Log out icon- Log Out icon
  •  Mailbox icon- Mailbox icon
  •  Create message icon- Create Message icon
  •  Address book icon- Address Book icon
  •  Calander icon- Calendar icon
Folder List

The Folder List displays the folders you use to organize items you've sent and received. You can add additional folders to further help you organize your items. To display the contents of the folder in the Item List, just click on a folder.  The Mailbox folder is the default folder and opens automatically when you first log in to NetMail.

Item List

The Item List displays the contents of the folder that is currently open. By default, the 10 most recent items in the folder are displayed. If the folder contains more than 10 messages, a Next button appears at the bottom of the list. You can click Next to display the next 10 messages. If you wish, you can change the number of messages displayed per page by editing the WebAccess options.

The icon next to each item indicates the item's type and status. Buttons for actions you commonly perform on items are displayed at the top of the Item List. You can simultaneously perform actions on multiple items (delete, purge, etc.) by marking the boxes to the left of the items and then clicking the desired action button. When you click an item to open it, the actions you can perform on that item are also displayed at the top of the item window.

When you select items in the Item List by marking their check boxes, and then you click one of the action buttons at the top of the Item List, WebAccess automatically updates the Item List to reflect the changes (for example, whether the message has been read or deleted). However, to reduce the number of times you access the Web server, WebAccess does not automatically update the Item List if you first open an item and then click an action button inside the item window.

For example, if you select an item in the Item List and move it to another folder by clicking Move at the top of the Item List, the Item List will be updated after the move is complete. However, if you open an item and click Move inside the item window, the Item List is not updated. To refresh the list, you can open the folder again, or click Update at the top of the list.