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How to Get Started: ​Credit for Military Personnel and Veterans

The seven colleges of DCCCD awards credit for educational experiences during military service according to the recommendations of the American Council on Education as published in "The Guide to the Evaluation of Military Experiences in the Armed Services.” Students who wish to establish credit for educational experiences in the military should submit the following documents: 1). Military Transcript; 2) College Credit for Heroes Eligibility Form (PDF - 331KB).

Army, Navy, and Marine Corps – Submit an official Joint Services Transcript. To request a Joint Services Transcript be sent electronically to your DCCCD college, visit

Air Force personnel and veterans should request an official transcript from the Community College of the Air Force for work taken as an undergraduate, or from the Air University for work taken as a graduate student. Community College of the Air Force transcripts may be ordered by sending a request in writing to: CCAF/RRR, 130 West Maxwell Blvd., Maxwell AFB AL 36112-6613, 334-953-2794 (DSN 493-2794). You may also visit  Air University transcripts may be obtained by writing to the Registrar’s Office, 50 South Turner Blvd., Maxwell AFB-Gunter Annex AL 36118-5643.

U.S. Coast Guard — submit a U.S. Coast Guard Institute transcript. To request a U.S. Coast Guard Institute transcript, you may visit or call 405-954-0072.

DANTES/USAFI — Students may also request a transcript from DANTES (Defense Activity for Non-Traditional Education Support) or USAFI (United States Armed Forces Institute — tests taken prior to July 1, 1974). Many tests taken under the auspices of DANTES or USAFI carry American Council on Education credit recommendations recognized by the University. Official DANTES transcripts can be ordered from Thomson Prometric, P.O. Box 6604, Princeton, NJ 08541-6604, 877-471-9860 (toll free). A transcript of USAFI courses or tests completed prior to July 1, 1974 may be obtained from Thomson Prometric, P.O. Box 6605, Princeton, NJ 08541-6605. Website:

Questions concerning the evaluation of educational experiences in the armed services should be directed to the College Credit for Heroes Program, 214-378-1746 or