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Dallas Mavs Tickets

Our students, faculty and staff get discount tickets to Dallas Mavericks games, without any processing fees!

To order your tickets, choose from two options:

Option 1: Mavs Discount Code

  1. Go to the Dallas Mavericks' student discount website at
  2. Select “Find Tickets” for the game you want
  3. On the right-side of the page, enter the Special Offer Code: dcccd
  4. Log in or create a new Ticketmaster/Dallas Mavericks account. This is a normal account; since you can purchase multiple tickets with one account, it’s called a “group account.”
  5. Claim tickets: Select the number and type of tickets you want to purchase
  6. Purchase and print your tickets fee-free!

If you get the error message “There are not enough tickets available to fulfill your request…..” it means that there are not enough tickets available at the price requested for the game you chose. Try another price or “best available,” or change the quantity for that game. 

Option 2: Mavs College Pass 

Students can also get access to last-minute Mavs tickets with a Mavs College Pass. This special pass gives you seats to home games for as little as $10!  Sign up today to receive text alerts when tickets become available. A DCCCD Student Email address is required.


Contact Ernest Rangel at 214-658-7107 or

Come out to the American Airlines Center and cheer on the Dallas Mavs!