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Interactive Learning

Photo of a student working on a laptop

In collaboration with Texas Guaranteed Student Loan Corp. (TG), the colleges of DCCCD are excited to offer this interactive Web-based program that allows students, parents and alumni the opportunity to learn more material at their pace.

There are eight learning modules:

  • Needs and Wants
  • Spending Plans
  • Credit Basics
  • Solving Debt Problems
  • Setting Goals
  • Monitoring Spending
  • Managing Credit
  • Saving and Investing
Screenshot of the myTG website.

To access the learning modules:

  1. Visit the myTG website.
  2. Sign up for a new account by clicking "Register" under "New User."
  3. Once your account is created, use your new account information to log in to myTG from the home page.
  4. Launch the Learning Center from the next page.
  5. Before entering the Learning Center, you'll need to answer the "I am a ..." question and provide your Special Access Code to view the information targeted specifically to you.
  6. After you've answered the question and entered your Special Access Code, press "Continue" and the Learning Center will open in a new browser window. You will only need to provide this information once. Be sure any pop-up blockers are disabled in your browser to begin your learning modules.

Special Access Codes for the colleges of DCCCD:

College Special Access Code
Brookhaven College CUDCCCBROOK1
Cedar Valley College CUDCCCCEDAR1
Eastfield College CUDCCCEFIELD
El Centro College CUDCCCELCEN1
Mountain View College CUDCCCMTNVW1
North Lake College CUDCCCNLAKE1
Richland College CUDCCCRICHL1