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Employment Policies


Please review these policies for work-study students and contact the Financial Aid Office with any questions.


Blank timesheets or electronic timesheets are available from the Human Resources Office. After one or two pay periods, you will be assigned a permanent timesheet. You must fill out your timesheet completely, sign it and have your supervisor sign it before it can be processed.

Timesheets are then to be submitted to the Financial Aid Office the Friday preceding the deadline for Human Resources. Unsigned timesheets will be rejected and returned to you, resulting in a delay in payment.

Falsification of timesheets will result in immediate student termination without grounds for appeal.

Breaks and Holidays

You may work during semester breaks with the approval of your supervisor if funding eligibility is available. You may not work on holidays that are observed by the colleges of DCCCD.

Continuation of Employment

Due to the limited availability of funding and Satisfactory Academic Progress requirements, work-study employment is only approved for one semester/payment period. At the end of each semester/payment period, the college Financial Aid Office will evaluate your status to make sure funding is available. At the same time, you must also meet the Satisfactory Academic Progress standards at the end of each semester to continue in the program. If you work past your allotted budget and/or fail to meet the SAP requirements, your work-study award will automatically be cancelled, and you will be terminated from the program.


If you voluntarily decide to withdraw from the program, you must complete a termination form (located in the Financial Aid Office).

If you do not perform your duties satisfactorily and are terminated, supervisors are required to notify the Financial Aid Office in writing and complete the Termination of FWS Employment form.

If you are terminated from your position, you must write an appeal letter to the Financial Aid Office before applying for any other position in the same semester. The director of financial aid will evaluate the appeal and contact you in writing regarding any additional work-study position.

Rehire Procedures

You must notify the Financial Aid Office and your supervisor if you are interested in returning to a previous position. The supervisor will need to complete a rehire form for you and return it to the Financial Aid Office for approval. You may not continue working unless you have been authorized.