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Types of Financial Aid

Photo of a female student

Financial aid for credit students may be categorized into three types:

  • Gift aid
    Gift aid includes grants and scholarships that you are not required to repay, except as mandated (see grant repayment requirements).
  • Work-study
    Work-study is an award that must be earned through employment.
  • Direct Loans
    Direct Loans are low-interest loans to help pay for the cost of your education. A loan is money that you borrow and must repay with interest.

If you are ineligible for financial aid, your college may be able to provide:

  • Emergency assistance
    Emergency assistance consists of short-term tuition and textbook loans from the college that must be repaid.

Financial Assistance for Continuing Education

Texas Public Education Grants (TPEGs), for tuition only, are available to individuals to take career or occupation-related courses.

You should become completely familiar with the terms and conditions of any financial aid award you accept. If you have questions about a specific award, contact the Financial Aid Office.