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Summer Aid 2014-2015


State and federal financial aid is available for qualified applicants attending the colleges of DCCCD for the May term or Summer sessions.

Here are some key things to know about Summer aid:

  • No separate application needed: If you register for May term or Summer classes, we will automatically review your financial aid file. If you are still eligible for 2014-2015 financial aid funds, you will receive an award based on the remaining funds available.

  • You must have completed a FAFSA for 2014-2015: To determine your eligibility, we must have a current Student Aid Report (SAR) for you in the DCCCD student system. If you have already completed your FAFSA but did not list a college of DCCCD, you may use your Federal Student Aid Personal Identification Number (FSA PIN) to make corrections to your FAFSA, or you may call 800-433-3243.

  • How we notify you: You will be notified by email about your Summer aid award. You may also view posted financial aid awards, account summaries and other helpful personal information in eConnect, our secure online services (requires login).

  • Pay for May term: For financial aid purposes, the Summer 2015 payment period includes the Maymester, Summer 1 and Summer 2 sessions combined.  While you could have funding reimbursed to you for Maymester courses, you must pay in full for this mini-session according to the tuition due date on your registration summary.

  • Register by June 15: If you are interested in financial aid for Maymester, Summer 1 or Summer 2 sessions, you must register for classes by June 15.  Classes registered after June 15 will not be covered by financial aid. Your instructor(s) must certify that you are attending class.

  • Avoid getting dropped from your classes: You will be deregistered (DREG) from classes if:

    1) you have not completed a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) for 2014-2015 and have not paid for your classes, or

    2) you are put on Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) suspension when SAP is calculated for Spring 2015 and you have not paid for your classes, or

    3) you have not completed Verification and have not paid for your classes.


  • Want a Summer loan? You must apply for a loan using the electronic eConnect form. Log on to eConnect and click on Apply for Summer Federal Student Loan. The deadline to submit a loan request is July 10.

  • Remember, we may adjust your aid: As a reminder, each semester, institutions are required to adjust financial aid based on your enrollment status and cost of attendance. These adjustments could change your financial aid award and account status. You can view adjustments made in eConnect. You are responsible for reviewing your account to see if you owe any money.

  • We need your transcripts: If you attended any other institution(s) during the 2014-2015 academic year, you must submit all official transcripts to us and we must evaluate them before we can award financial aid.

  • When aid is disbursed: See the 2014-2015 Financial Aid Disbursement Schedule.