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2014-2015 Financial Aid Forms


The forms below are designed to supplement your financial aid application for Fall 2014, Spring 2015 and Summer 2015.

If you have any questions about printing or completing these forms, contact us.

Most of these forms are in PDF format; you will need Adobe Reader software (available for free) to view and print them.

Paper Version - Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) (2014-2015)
If you are a Texas resident but are not eligible for federal student aid because you are not a U.S. citizen, you may use this form to apply for Texas state financial aid only. Complete this form and submit it with supporting income verification documents to the Financial Aid Office.

Special Circumstance Application Form (2014-2015) (PDF - 323KB)
The data provided on the FAFSA is intended to determine the amount your family can reasonably be expected to pay toward your college costs. Sometimes it is possible to reassess a family’s unique situation. Complete this form and provide appropriate documentation to the Financial Aid Office.

Texas Public Education Grant for Continuing Education (TPEG-CE 2014-2015) (PDF - 322KB)
If you are enrolled in an eligible Continuing Education (CE) class, you may use this form to apply for a Texas Public Education Grants (TPEG) award. To provide adequate time for processing, this application must be filed with the Financial Aid Office six to eight weeks prior to the beginning of your class/classes.

Federal Work-Study Program Request Form (2014-2015) (PDF - 551KB)
The Federal Work-Study program provides funds that are earned through part-time employment to assist students in financing the costs of their educational expenses. Use this form to apply for a work-study position.

Request to Transfer Funds Form (2014-2015) (PDF - 298KB)
If you need to request a transfer of funds to pay for a prior semester balance, complete the form and submit to your Financial Aid Office.

Loan Discharge for Borrowers With Disabilities (2014-2015) (PDF - 298KB)
If you are applying for a federal student loan and have had previous federal loans discharged because of a disabling condition, you must attach a physician’s statement certifying your ability to attend school and/or return to work. You will be advised by the Financial Aid Office if you need to complete this form.

Third Party Access Form (2014-2015) (PDF - 184KB)
If you want to give another person access to your financial aid and student records, please submit this form to the Financial Aid Office granting this person permission to serve as your authorized proxy.

Excessive Loan Limit Form (2014-2015) (PDF - 233KB)
If you have exceeded or are close to your cumulative loan limit, you will be advised by the Financial Aid Office if you need to complete this form.

AmeriCorps Processing Form (2014-2015) (PDF - 350KB)
If you participated in this service program, you may use this form to apply for funds.

Financial Aid Adjustment Form (2014-2015) (PDF - 132KB)
If you need to cancel your financial aid, want to have it reinstated or want to reduce your loans, please submit this form to the Financial Aid Office for processing.