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Updates in Procedures


These updated procedures and tips for using SharePoint are effective as of Sept. 22, 2010.

1) “Site Actions” is only available in the areas of the website where you have rights

You will only see “Welcome [USERNAME]” and the “Site Actions” menu in the sections of the website where you have access to contribute. For example: An author who only has access to the Purchasing area will not see “Welcome [USERNAME]” and “Site Actions” anywhere else on the site, just in the Purchasing section.

2) New home for documents and images

In training, you were instructed to use/link to images and documents in Site Collection Images and Site Collection documents, and those who took Advanced training were taught how to upload images and documents to these libraries. However, we discovered some problems with user permissions for these libraries after the launch.

To fix this problem, Authors with SharePoint Advanced training are now able to upload/edit/delete documents and images into the Images and Documents folders for each Site. In other words, you will have your own document and image repository that only your group will have rights to, and the content owners of your Site(s) will be responsible for that content.

You will still have access to use items in Site Collection Documents and Site Collection Images, but those libraries will be controlled by the Internet Publishing Team. These libraries will be used as the shared repository for all users.

3) Creating Hyperlinks to E-mail Addresses

If your text includes an e-mail address in the standard format (, you can simply enter a space after the address, and SharePoint will automatically make it a hyperlink.

To make other text (such as someone's name) a link to an e-mail address, highlight the text, click on the link tool, and enter “mailto:” directly before the e-mail address in the window below “Selected URL.”

4) Checking In/Checking Out

Remember that if you edit a page and forget to check it back in, other people can't work on the page. A couple of tips:

  1. If you start editing a page and then decide you don't need to make any changes after all, you can go to Page/Discard Check Out to “cancel out of” editing.
  2. A tool you may find helpful is Site Actions/View Aggregate Reports/Checked Out to Me. This report shows every page checked out to you sitewide.