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Best Practices

  1. Make life easier for editors: When submitting a page for approval, please indicate the person you are submitting it to. Several people may receive your submission notification. If you have made changes to a page, indicate the changes you have made.
  2. Avoid PDFs when possible: Create Web pages instead of linking to PDFs whenever possible. PDFs are not as accessible as Web pages to visitors with visual impairments. However, continue to use PDFs whenever necessary.
  3. Indicate document size: Indicate the size of a document in parentheses after the document’s name, in round numbers, to give the person who clicks it an idea how big the document is. Example: Document I’m linking to (PDF – 234KB)
  4. Open some links in a new window: Set the following types of links to open in a new window:

    links to documents like PDFs websites (catalog, eConnect, eCampus, FAQs, college sites, outside organizations’ Web pages)

  5. Make catalog links timeless: If linking to the catalog, replace the “catalog year” in the link with “catalog” so your link always points to the most current version of the catalog:

    Change this:
    To this:

  6. Use eConnect shortcut links: When linking to a page in eConnect, you must use a special shortcut link. If you want to link to specific eConnect screens, ask April Ellis, Joanna Jordan or Rick Rosen of the Internet Publishing Team for a document with the list of eConnect shortcuts.