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Sharing Educational Records Within the College


Information in student educational records should be shared within the college only among appropriate school officials having legitimate educational interest in the records.

Who are School Officials?

  • College instructors, advisors, researchers, counselors, placement personnel, deans, department chairs, administrative officials responsible for some part of the academic operation or one of the supporting services.
  • Support staff and student personnel employed to assist university officials in the management of educational records.
  • A person, company or agency with whom the college has contracted for a service.
  • Advisors of officially recognized organizations.
  • Coaches.
  • Members of official college committees (including student members), a person or company with whom DCCCD has contracted.

What is Legitimate Educational Interest?
Legitimate educational interests are essential to the general processes of higher education including teaching, research, public service, as well as those directly supporting activities such as advising, general counseling, discipline, career services, financial assistance, academic assistance activities, essential learning activities such as cooperative education and international study programs, and co-curricular activities including varsity and intramural sports and all recognized student organizations.