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Educational Records


Educational records are those records, files, documents or other materials which contain information directly related to a student and that are maintained by any employee or an agent of the college. Employment records relating to college students who are employees as a result of their status as students are also considered educational records.

Educational Records DO NOT Include:

  • Records made by college personnel that are the sole possession of the maker and not revealed to any other person.
  • Records maintained by the College Police for law enforcement purposes.
  • Counseling and medical records.
  • Alumni records.
  • Employment records relating to an individual who is employed by the college not as a result of their status as a student.
  • Records of individuals who have applied to the college, but have not attended.
  • Directory information.

Disclosure of Educational Records
Generally, the college must have written, signed and dated permission from the student before releasing information from the student's records.

Directory information is the only information that the college may disclose freely, but it is not required to do so. A student may request that their directory information is not disclosed.

Under certain "official" circumstances, confidential (non-directory) education records can be released without a student's prior consent.

Educational records may be disclosed, without prior consent, within the secured offices of the college.