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Disclosing to Students

Posting Grades
It is inadvisable to post grades in any form. If you feel that posting grades is essential to the pedagogical design of your course, please follow these guidelines:

  • Do not post grades by Student ID (social security number) or any other protected identifier or discernible code.
  • If you post grades, secure individual student specific permission in writing.
  • Post grades for a limited and specified time-frame only.

Returning Student Work
It is inadvisable to put student work in a general space for collection. Student grades on individual assignments or courses are protected and can be disclosed only by the student. Some faculty are accustomed to placing student work in an envelope or box for students to retrieve. If this means that one student could have access to another student's grades, the practice should be revised. Departments should work with faculty teaching large enrolled classes to accommodate the need to distribute work efficiently and the absolute need to comply with FERPA.

Disposal of Student Records
It is advisable to shred, rather than toss, any documents that link student name with any other non-disclosable information (e.g. Student ID).

Communication with Students
It is inadvisable to disclose any confidential information to students via telephone or email, as they are not secure methods of transmitting sensitive data.