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How to Report an Information Privacy/Security Breach

Through the district’s emerging Information Privacy and Security Program (IPSP), the district aims to proactively minimize the need for responding to an information breach; however, employees will need to be aware of when a breach of sensitive information has occurred and how to address such breaches.  

Events and/or Incidents to report to your location Information Privacy and Security Officer include but are not limited to:

  • Sensitive Information in hard copy(s) (paper), electronic, or any form of student(s), and/or employee(s) record(s), document(s), application(s) or information that may have been lost, stolen, missing, accidentally released, sent to the wrong person, misused, involved in unauthorized access and/or large scale intrusions.
  • Electronic Device containing sensitive information (e.g., laptop, USB storage, PDA, etc.) may have been lost or stolen.
  • Breach of information security (account(s) compromised)

If you are unable to reach your location Information Privacy and Security Officer in a timely manner, then report the incident(s) to the District Information Privacy and Security Incident Response Coordinator (Portal log in required).

“When in doubt – Report it”

The following types of events and/or incidents should be reported directly to your location’s Information Technology staff:

  • Intrusion of computer networks via the network (often referred to as “hacking”)
  • Occurrence of computer viruses (an “infection” by a virus, worm, or Trojan program)
  • Denial of service attacks (lack of network response)

All criminal incidents or other suspicious activity (including threats to your personal security) should be reported directly to the College Police Department.

Download a copy of the How to Report an Information Privacy⁄Security Breach flyer to keep at your desk! (PDF - 143 KB) (Shortcut: