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  • Who is the Information Privacy and Security Officer (IPSO) at my location?
  • Who is the DCCCD Chief Information Privacy and Security Officer (CIPSO)?

Information Types

  • How does DCCCD define public, internal and confidential information types?
  • How is student directory information and student confidential record information classified?

Securing Internal/Confidential Information

  • What constitutes confidential information?
  • Where do I store confidential information?
  • How do I send confidential information via email?
  • How secure are instant messaging programs?
  • How should I handle emailed or faxed credit card account numbers?
  • What is the process for sending a fax with internal or confidential information?
  • How do I lock my Windows workstation?
  • What types of shredders should be used for shredding confidential information?
  • Who do I contact if I have questions concerning the retention, storage and disposal of confidential information?

Securing Accounts and Passwords

  • Can I reuse my password?
  • How do I create a strong password?
  • When should I use my Windows formatted Outlook email address (e.g.,
  • How do I request a Outlook email address alias?

Information Requests

  • How should I handle requests received for student directory information?
  • How should I handle requests received that are not for student directory information?

 Violations and Reporting

  • What happens if I do not follow District Board Policy?
  • Whom do I contact to report incidents that involve confidential information?

Privacy and Use

  • Is my privacy protected when using computer resources and facilities owned by DCCCD?
  • What is considered acceptable for incidental use of DCCCD computing resources?