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Add your bookmarks

Use myPortal to track your bookmarks.

Use myPortal to keep track of your favorite websites.

As we navigate the Web on a variety of computers and devices, keeping track of our Internet bookmarks can become a challenge.

However, with myPortal, that task just became easier.

You can store your favorite bookmarks in myPortal by clicking the My Bookmarks tab in the upper right-hand column of your myPortal home page.

Photo of the myPortal Bookmarks tab

Once you've selected My Bookmarks, you'll notice the background of the tab turns to blue to indicate it's active.

You can now click Add to my links to begin saving your favorite websites.

Photo of Add Bookmarks link

On the next screen, add the link title in the Title field and the link URL in the Address field.

Photo of Add Bookmarks form

You can also organize your links however you prefer.

Add to a Group: Existing group - You have the option of choosing from one of the default group categories or any previously created groups in the drop-down menu.

Add to a Group: New group: - You can create new groups for your links by selecting the radio button and adding the name in the field below.

NOTE: The group names will only display when your bookmarks are viewed from your My Site. When viewing your bookmarks from your myPortal home page, your sites will still be grouped together but the group titles will not be shown.

Show these links to: - Your bookmarks are not viewable by other users. Your selection here will have no impact on how they are seen by others.

Once you've added your information, click OK and your link will be added.

After your links are added, you can access your bookmarks at any time by selecting the My Bookmarks tab again on your myPortal home page.

Photo of added bookmarks

You can also access your list of bookmarks from your mySite profile ( by selecting My Bookmarks from the top menu.

In the weeks to come:

  • How to edit your Bookmarks
  • How to use Tags and Notes to share web pages with others