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Add your skills and info


 Add your skills and information to your mySite

Add your skills, information and projects to your mySite profile.

One of the great features of myPortal and mySite is the networking aspect that’s built in to the service.

As each of us add information to our mySite, we’ll start to see the power myPortal offers in creating a giant network of human capital that’s available at our fingertips.

Now that you’ve added your photo, let’s start adding some information to help others around the district find you and start networking with you.

Note: For best results when editing myPortal and mySite pages, we recommend using Internet Explorer or Firefox. Some features in this tutorial may not work in every web browser.

  1. To start, visit your mySite profile at and clicking My Profile in the top navigation bar.
    You can also access your mySite on the main myPortal page by clicking your name in the upper right corner and then selecting My Profile.
  2. Once you arrive on your profile page you’ll see your photo box along with your name and some basic information about yourself. To edit your profile information, click Edit My Profile below the photo box.

    Screen shot of a mySite profile page

  3. On the next page, you can start sharing your information by filling in the text fields next to About me, Ask Me About, Contact Information, Past projects, Skills, schools, etc. As you start to type each word or phrase, you’ll notice that mySite is using "type ahead" which will suggest using previously used keywords to maintain consistent taxonomy.
    1. About me – A brief bio or description of yourself that will appear at the top of your mySite profile.
    2. Ask Me About – These are generally topics of expertise that you’re willing to help others with. Perhaps you’re an expert on Microsoft Excel, or Colleague or cake decorating. Whatever it might be you can share this with your colleagues to help highlight your expertise.
    3. Past projects – Share projects you’ve worked on or teams you may have worked with in the past.
    4. Skills – This list may be similar to your Ask Me About content or it may be entirely different. Share skills you’ve learned along the way or skills you use in your daily job.
    5. Interests – These items are generally more personal in nature and will help you track information your co-workers may share related to your personal interests. Perhaps musical theater, geocaching or LEGOS are your interest. Whatever you include in this list will help populate your newsfeed when co-workers share information related to your interests.
  4. As you add your information you’ll notice a drop-down menu item to the right of many of the content areas. This drop-down allows you to select the privacy levels of the information you choose to share.
    Screenshot of a mySite profile authoring page
    You can share information with:
    1. Everyone – Anyone with access to myPortal can see the information (including students).
    2. My Colleagues – Only those you designate as your Colleagues can see the information.
    3. My Team – Only those you designate as your Team can see the information. This is typically designated for people within your immediate work group.
    4. My Manager – Only your manager can see the information. This is based on the designation in Colleague.
    5. Only Me – This information is kept private from everyone except for yourself.
  5. Once you’re satisfied with the information you’ve added, scroll to the bottom of the page and click Save and Close.
  6. Congratulations! Your updated is now live and searchable for your co-workers around the district.

Want to know more about setting up your mySite?

District Software Training and Support is currently offering an Introduction to myPortal training at each of the colleges. Find out when the next class will be held and sign up for training at: