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Tags and Notes


Share information with your colleagues by using tags and notes.

While bookmarks are great for storing links for yourself, tags and notes make it easier for you and your colleagues to share and find relevant content.

Tags and notes can:

  • Raise awareness of helpful content resources
  • Help colleagues discover peers with similar interests
  • Improves search functionality in myPortal
  • Enable people working in other locations to learn more about each other
  • Share information about relevant activities
  • Help employees maintain professional contacts on other teams

If you're unfamiliar with the idea of tagging content, think of tags as descriptive labels you might add on a file folder for future reference. You can add as many tags as needed to help organize and share your content.

Creating tags

As you browse myPortal, the easiest way to create a tag is to "Like" a page, or tag it by clicking the buttons in the upper right-hand corner of the page.

The red heart label is pointing to the I Like It button, and the green check mark label is pointing to the Tags and Notes button.

To quickly tag content for future reference simply click the I Like It button.

To add tags:

Click the Tags and Notes button.

In the next window, add your tags, separated by semi-colons.

As you type your tags you may see suggested tags appear in the window. If you see tags that are similar to the tags you're wanting to use, click the suggested tag to use it. By using matching tags across myPortal, it will help improve the sharing of information by linking similar content together.

Once you've added your tags you can save the tags or choose to make the tag private.

Making a tag private only hides that you tagged the content but does not hide your chosen tags.

Select Save to save your work.

Creating notes

You can also add additional information to a page by adding a note to the content.

If you're on the page, click the Tags and Notes button.

Once you have the Tag and Note window open, click the Note Board tab at the top of the window.

Add your notes and then click Post to include your note with the page.

Once you're finished adding your tags or notes, simply close the window using the X in the upper right-hand corner.

Viewing your tags

As you add tags, you tags will begin to appear as a tag cloud on your mySite profile.

To view the tags, visit and click on My Profile in the top navigation bar.

Next, select Tags and Notes from the navigation bar just below your photo and information.

Your tag cloud will populate with each of the tags you use. The more you use a tag, the larger the tag will appear in the tag cloud.

Your list of tagged pages will also appear on this page to the right of your tag cloud.

This content is also available for viewing by other myPortal users unless you've chosen to mark a tag private.

For more information on using tags, including how to tag content outside myPortal, visit Microsoft's SharePoint help site.