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Share Your Photos


Share the things that matter with your colleagues on myPortal in your personal photo library.

To get started, be sure you've verified your account and enabled your content area.

NOTE: Please resize all your photos to a width and/or height of 640px or less before beginning.

Next, visit your mySite Content area by going to and clicking My Content in the top toolbar.

On your Content page, click Share Pictures in the left-hand navigation.

Once you're on your picture library page you can begin to upload your images. Simply click the Upload link on the page.

A pop-up window will appear where you have the option to browse for individual photos or upload multiple files.

Upload an individual file

Click the Browse button to locate the individual file on your computer. In the new pop-up window, select the file you'd like and then click Open.

Once the file has been chosen you can select OK in the previous window to upload the file.

Upload multiple files

You can upload multiple files by clicking Upload Multiple Files... in the Select Picture window.

NOTE: This feature appears to only work with Microsoft Office 2010. If you have upgraded to Microsoft Office 2013 you will not have the required software on your computer. You will need to sync your photo album with your desktop to upload multiple files at once.

If this is your first time to upload multiple photos, you may be prompted to use the Microsoft Picture Manager to upload photos. Approve the use of Picture Manager to continue the process.

If the software has been updated on your computer, you'll see a new Uploading Selected Pictures window.

From this window you can browse to the images you want to upload and select multiple pictures (designated by an orange box).

To select multiple photos, hold down the CTRL key on your keyboard while your select the photos with you mouse.

Once your pictures are selected, be sure to click Send pictures optimized for viewing on the Web on the right hand column and then click Upload and Close to complete the process.

Now that the photos are uploaded, the process is complete and your photos are ready for viewing by other myPortal users.