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Keep up with your colleagues

Use myPortal to keep up with your colleagues

Not keeping up with your colleagues can get awkward. myPortal keeps you in the know.

myPortal makes it easier than ever to keep track of what your colleagues are working on and what they’re up to.

Your Newsfeed combines all those updates in one place.

Screenshot of a myPortal newsfeed

But before your Newsfeed can track your colleagues’ updates you’ll need to find and follow your colleagues.

To start, visit

In the upper menu bar type in a colleague’s name or a particular phrase of interest and click the search button (the magnifying glass).

myPortal will then display all the results for the name or phrase you use. This enables you to find colleagues by name, their departments, their interests and any other information they’ve chosen to share on their myPortal profile.

When you find the colleague you’re looking for you can add him or her as your colleague by clicking “Add as colleague” under his or her name.

On the next screen you can organize your colleagues however you prefer.

  • Add to My Team – Your Team is typically reserved for your specific workgroup as these colleagues usually have more access to your information. If this individual is in your specific workgroup, select Yes.
  • Add to a Group – By default you have General and Peers groups. You can choose from one of these under the Existing group dropdown, or you can create a New group by typing the name of the group in the New group field.
  • Show these colleagues to – Using the dropdown, you have the option to select who sees your various colleagues, from everyone to only yourself.

Once you’ve completed the form, click OK and your colleague will be added.

You can view all your colleagues from your mySite profile by clicking the Colleagues tab.

In addition, you’ll begin to see your colleagues’ updates in your Newsfeed.

Want to know more about setting up your mySite?

District Software Training and Support is currently offering an Introduction to myPortal training at each of the colleges. Find out when the next class will be held and sign up for training at: