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Create email alerts

Create email alerts for myPortal

Don't miss out on discussions or updates in myPortal. Get email notifications to keep track of what's happening in your Team Site.

With myPortal Team Sites, you can easily share content and ideas with your teams and workgroups. myPortal alerts make it easy to stay on top of the changes your co-workers submit on a regular basis.

 Watch a video explanation.

Content in myPortal is stored in libraries and lists.

A library is used for storing documents like Word files, Excel documents or even pictures. They're similar to file folders on your computer.

A list is used for storing data like discussion items, task lists or even calendar events. A list is similar to an Excel spreadsheet or an Access database.

To begin, navigate to the myPortal library or list you want to stay updated on.

It can be a Document Library you share on a Team Site, a Discussion List, a Photo Library or even your Team Calendar.

Individual lists and libraries are often shown in the sidebar navigation of pages and team sites. Clicking the sidebar links will take you to the primary view for the individual list or library.

You can verify you're on the list view by looking for “Lists” in the URL bar of your browser. You can verify you're on the primary view of a library by looking for “Shared%20Documents” in the URL bar of your browser.

Screenshot of lists showing in a URL

Screenshot of libraries showing in a URL

Once you're on the selected library, you'll see all the content in the selected library.

You'll also have two new tabs appear in the top ribbon bar on the page -- either Documents and Library or Items and Lists.

Screenshot of the Document and Library tab

Create the alert

From this point on, the process is similar whether you're using a Library or List. We'll focus on subscribing to alerts for a Document Library, but you can do the same with a List.

Click the Library tab to see a new toolset for working with your library in the ribbon bar.

In the middle of the new ribbon bar, look for the Alert Me button.

Click the button and then select "Set alert on this library" from the drop-down menu.

This will open the Alert dialog box in a pop-up window.


Screenshot of the Alert pop-up window


From here you can set your options for being alerted.

  • Alert Title - This is what will appear in the subject line of your emails. It may be helpful to label the email with something related to the library you're being alerted about.
  • Delivery Method - Email is the only option currently available. Your DCCCD email address should already appear next to this option.
  • Change Type - You can be notified based on several factors. All changes will send you an email anytime a document is added, modified or changed. You can also be alerted for those factors individually.
  • Send Alerts for These Changes - You can also be notified based on who is making the changes.
  • When to Send Alerts - Depending on the library, you may not need to be notified of changes immediately so you can receive a daily or weekly summary of changes to the library. You can also customize what day and time the alerts are sent.

Once you've set your preferences for the alerts, click OK and the alerts will be initiated. You'll receive an email shortly confirming your subscription.

If you wish to review or change your alerts later on, you can do so in your personal settings.

Simply navigate to the Team Site you have alerts set for and then click your name in the upper-right corner of the page. Then click on My Settings from the drop-down menu.


Screenshot of the My Settings dropdown menu


Next, select My Alerts on the following page.


Screeenshot of the My Alerts link


Clicking any of the items in the list will open the same dialog window we used to start the alert.