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Create a blog

myPortal Tip #10 - Share your ideas and expertise with a myPortal blog.

Don't make your team line up for information: Share your expertise, experiences and big ideas with your blog on myPortal!

With myPortal, you can easily share tips, ideas and things of interest on your own personal website or blog.

To begin, be sure you've enabled your content area in mySite.

Once your content area is enabled, you can access it by visiting and clicking My Content in the top toolbar.

On the right hand side of the screen, you'll see a list of Recent Blog Posts. (By default, you'll have a Welcome post waiting for you after you've enabled your content area.)

Once you've started creating your blog posts, the three most recent posts will be listed here.

To create a blog post, simply click "Add a new post" under the list of Recent Blog Posts.

Screenshot of the add a new blog post link.

A pop-up window will appear with a form to add your blog post content.

Add a title, the content of your blog post in the Body of the form and then select a Category for organizing your posts. You can also set a publish time and date.

Screenshot of the publish a new blog post form.

Once you've added your content, you can either Save As Draft and return to the post later or Publish your post.

After it's published, the post will appear under Recent Blog Posts, and a notice will appear in your colleagues' newsfeed.

Screenshot of the recent blog post list.

What would I blog about?

Blogging can take on any number of topics and themes.

  • If you're continually answering the same questions for your co-workers, why not write a blog post with an explanation of a business process they need to know?
  • If you find a cool tip or trick for Office or Paperwise, why not share it with your co-workers in a blog post?
  • If you'd like to keep track of restaurants in the area that you enjoy dining at, how about writing reviews for your co-workers?
  • If you have a passion you think your co-workers might be interested in, why not share your knowledge about it in a blog post?


Who else is blogging?

Several DCCCD employees have already begun to blog — some more than others. The early adopters include (myPortal login required):

If you or one of your co-workers have started blogging as well, be sure to let us know so we can add you to the list.