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Add events to shared calendars

Add events to shared calendars

With myPortal Team Sites, you now have an easy way to share a common calendar with your entire team or workgroup.

Your team can keep up-to-date on team meetings, upcoming conferences, birthdays or other events with a common calendar accessible from any Internet browser around the world.

Watch a video explanation.

To begin, open your Team Site and select Events from the left sidebar.

Highlighting the event link in the left sidebar


You’ll now see your team’s shared calendar in a new window.

Your ribbon bar will now change and allow you to add individual events (as well as several additional features).

To add an event, click the Events tab in the new ribbon bar.


Highlighting the event tab in the ribbon bar


Now click the New Event button in the ribbon bar.


Highlighting the new event button in the ribbon bar


The Event form will open, and you can now add the details for your event. As you view the form, you’ll see it looks and functions similar to other calendar products like Outlook.


The new event form

There are three required fields for each event: Title, Start Time and End Time.

  • Title – the title of your event
  • Start Time – you can list a specific date and time or just a single day for all-day events
  • End Time – you can list a specific date and time or just a single day for all-day events

The other fields are for optional information.

  • Location – an open field for including the location of your event
  • Description – a more detailed description of your event
  • Category – categories can help you and your team sort and filter calendar events, so find the category that best fits your your event. Note that, depending on your Team Site administrator, you may have a different list of categories from one Team Site to another.

You can also create all-day events and recurring events by checking the corresponding check box and, in the case of repeating events, adding the details of how often the event recurs.


Enable a recurring event


Once you’ve added the information you need, click Save and your event is now shared with your team.

To review your team’s events, use the navigation arrows in the upper left-hand corner of the calendar to browse from month to month.


Highlighting how to browse a calendar


To view the full details of an event, double-click the event title in the calendar.

Once the detail view is open, you can edit details of the event by clicking Edit Item in the ribbon bar and changing the information as needed.


Highlighting how to edit an event


Be sure to click Save once you’ve made your changes, and the changes will be added to the team’s shared calendar.