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Video thumnail showing a man scratching his head as documents fly overhead.

SharePoint in Plain English

myPortal is a new Web service that is built on the district's Datatel/Ellucian Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software and Microsoft's SharePoint. Find out what SharePoint can do for you and your team - in plain English.

Meeting Mayhem

Inefficient meetings are a drag. So why not invite myPortal?

Begging for Approval

Say goodbye to nightmare processes. Say hello to myPortal.

Proposal Panic

Many people working on one document can get crazy. Stay on the same page with myPortal.

Team Player

Teamwork shouldn't come with undesired side effects. myPortal has the right prescription.

Take a Number

Don't make your team line up for answers. Share your knowledge with myPortal.

Sticky Situation

Don't let your to-do list drive you nuts. Use myPortal to keep it all together.

Cup of Chaos

Coffee spills are messy. Ditch the drama with myPortal.

The Elusive Chris Smith

Take the mystery out of finding people. Clue: Use myPortal.

Gift Exchange

Not keeping up with your colleagues can get...awkward. myPortal keeps you in the know.

Get the Massage

It's mission critical - and missing - better find myPortal.

Why myPortal?

Hear what your co-workers are saying about myPortal.

Learn More

Learn how to put these tools to use with our Show Me How videos.