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Team Player

Photo of a woman doing breathing exercises to relax

Teamwork shouldn't come with undesired side effects. SharePoint and myPortal have the right prescription.

If the video is not displaying, you can download the video in Windows Media format.


[Team Player]

[Teamwork shouldn't come with undesired side effects.]

[SharePoint has the right prescription.]

ADMINISTRATOR: [YELLING] RENE! Can you make sure the Beijing office has the right documents for the call please?

RENE: Sure! [Quietly] Because that won't be a nightmare...

BARRY: Hey Rene, here's an update on my Asia report. Can you share it with our fearless leader when she's free?

RENE: Well her schedule...

BARRY: You're the best! [Laughter]

ADMINISTRATOR: [YELLING] RENE! Do you have everyone's final edits to the proposal?

[Chimes playing]

RENE: My doctor says I need to lower my blood pressure at work.

SHAREPOINT GUY: You know a SharePoint Team Site could easily help you keep track of your team's calendars, project updates and tasks. While keeping the old blood pressure an even-steven.

[Chimes playing]

RENE: Here's a tip.

ADMINISTRATOR: Rene, were you able to reschedule that Beijing call?

[Rene nods]


RENE: I need to keep them on the same page, without being the only one looking at the book.


RENE: [Yelling] IT'S ON THE TEAM SITE! That's why I use SharePoint.