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Take a Number

Photo of a woman pulling a ticket from a number counter.

Don't make your team line up for answers. Share your knowledge with myPortal.

If the video is not displaying, you can download the video in Windows Media format.


[Take a number]

[Don't make your team line up for answers.]

[Share your knowledge with SharePoint.]

BARRY: Number 47?

ROBIN: Yeah, is our sales invoice schedule a net-30 or net-45?

BARRY: Net-30. Number 48?

TED: Do our consulting contractors get paid for travel expenses?

BARRY: Only in the lower 48. Number 49?

RENE: When are 1098s coming out?

ADMINISTRATOR: Who ate my pastrami sandwich?

BARRY: It was Rene' at approximately 11:52 a.m. She pronounced it,"On the dry side."

[Group yelling over each other.]

SHAREPOINT GUY: Calm down! Calm down. Share what you know with the people that want to know it. Start a blog and put your knowledge out there. Create a wiki that everyone can chime in on. SharePoint has tons of ways to bring your wisdom to your colleagues without getting eaten alive.

TED: Hey, did you get this new job numbering system?

RENE': Yeah, it's all explained on Barry's blog. Duh!

BARRY: I want to answer questions before they come to me. That's why I use SharePoint.