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Sticky Situation

Photo of a man covered in sticky notes.

Don't let your to-do list drive you nuts. Use myPortal to keep it all together.

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[Sticky Situation]

[Don't let your to-do list drive you nuts]

[Use SharePoint to keep it all together.]

BARRY: Hey, remember I need the final touches on that proposal by 9 a.m. tomorrow.

I've got that vacation coming up.

[Slaps sticky notes on co-workers.]

These need to be watered.

[Slaps sticky note by plants.]

This is weird.

[Sticks sticky note on figurine.]

And don't forget to feed this little fellow.

[Sticks sticky note on dog.]

I'm outta here!

[Slaps sticky note on door.]

[Barry and his office are covered with sticky notes.]


BARRY: Oh. Hi. Sorry. It's the only way I can stay organized.

SHAREPOINT GUY: My friend, you should so use SharePoint to keep track without getting buried. The task management features help you stay on top of deadlines, assigned tasks, and track your to-do's in one place.

Sign please. [Hands Barry a clipboard.]

[Slaps a sticky note on Barry's head.]

How's that for a package?

[Sticky note says, "Use SharePoint!"]

[Barry dumps a pile of sticky notes into the trash.]

BARRY: I like knowing I have my work covered, without it covering me. That's why I use SharePoint.