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Meeting Mayhem

Photo of a man with a donut in his hand.

Inefficient meetings are a drag. So why not invite SharePoint and myPortal?

If the video is not displaying, you can download the video in Windows Media format.


[Meeting Mayhem]

[Inefficient meetings are a drag.]

[So why not invite SharePoint?]
ROBIN: Alright everyone, let's talk status.

Barry, where are you with that content audit?

BARRY: I thought we were talking about budget today.

TED: Well it took forever, but I finally got these figures into the spreadsheet.

ROBIN: As did I. You were supposed to update these charts!

TED: Man, I'm hungry. Let's break out those donuts before we look at design.

ROBIN: We're not covering design today. And wait, where are the donuts?

BARRY: No donuts?! This is an outrage! You were supposed to bring the donuts!

[Yelling back and forth.]

SHAREPOINT GUY (on speaker phone): Guys. No one would be missing donuts or deliverables here if you were using SharePoint to bring it all together. Meeting Workspaces let you say goodbye to scattered agendas, objectives and tasks. So... Goodbye.

ROBIN: I need meetings to be as smooth as icing on a glazed donut. That's why I use SharePoint.