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Gift Exchange

Photo of a man talking on the phone.
Not keeping up with your colleagues can get...awkward. myPortal keeps you in the know.

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[Gift Exchange]

[Not keeping up with your colleagues can get...]


[SharePoint keeps you in the know.]

ADMINISTRATOR: All in all Hawaii was great. Wonderful couple of weeks.

But I'm glad to be back and I think we have some business to take care of.

Robin, congratulations on your engagement that's so great.

And Ted, happy anniversary. Five years, right?

And Barry, you get employee of the month for your stellar job on the Johnson account. For you. Good job.

[Team switches gifts across the table.]

Uh, so tell us Bill how was your first week?

SHAREPOINT GUY: My name is Ben actually. I've been temping here a month.

TED: Awkward.

SHAREPOINT GUY: You'd probably know my name already if you kept up with us on SharePoint, using your mySite and your newsfeed. It's where you keep up with the topics and people that matter to you.

TED: Front row tickets for Oliver!


TED: Who would have thought we shared such a passion for musical theater?


I want to be in the loop on my colleagues and my favorite topics. That's why I use SharePoint.