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Get the Massage

Photo of a man signing a clipboard

It's mission critical - and missing - better find myPortal.

If the video is not displaying, you can download the video in Windows Media format.


[Get the Massage]

[It's mission critical - and missing.]

[Better find SharePoint.]

ROBIN: Where is the paradigm shifter?

TED: I don't know but I get it next.

ROBIN: Uh huh. I'm way overdue. Where's the signup sheet anyways? I haven't seen it for days.

RENE: Oh boy. Not again!

Red handed! Let me see that sign up sheet. Barry you have your name on every line!

SHAREPOINT GUY: You know you wouldn't have to resort to this if your team created a list in SharePoint to manage these mission critical assets.

Everyone could access the list, fill out a request and update it with ease.

Can you sign for this? Thanks.

ROBIN: My turn!

RENE: You're right Robin.

People are more relaxed when everything is accounted for. That's why we use SharePoint.