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Cup of Chaos

Photo of a woman with coffee spilt on her laptop.

Coffee spills are messy. Ditch the drama with myPortal.

If the video is not displaying, you can download the video in Windows Media format.


[Cup of Chaos]

[Coffee spills are messy.]

[Ditch the drama with SharePoint.]

ADMINISTRATOR: I'm going to do great today. I like my pitch. I like my ideas. I like my outfit. I like everything!

[Coffee spills onto keyboard. Sound of electrical short.]

[Screams] NOOO!!!

[Sound of coffee being poured off of laptop.]

I hate everything.

SHAREPOINT GUY: Don't worry. You saved your pitch to SharePoint, right? You can just load it up on a loaner laptop while I fix this one. Don't you just love how easily SharePoint lets you organize and store your documents? Crisis averted, right?

ADMINISTRATOR: I didn't use SharePoint.


[Puts laptop in trashcan and cautiously walks away.]

TED: All set?

ADMINISTRATOR: Yup, let me just grab my...

[Coffee spills onto keyboard. Sound of electrical short.]

I'm going to need your laptop and a new latte. A coffee spill should never be a buzz kill. That's why I use SharePoint.