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The Elusive Chris Smith

Photo of a man, talking on the phone, in front of a white board with lots of notes.
Take the mystery out of finding people. Clue: Use myPortal.

If the video is not displaying, you can download the video in Windows Media format.


[The Elusive Chris Smith]

[Take the mystery out of finding people.]

[Clue: Use SharePoint.]

[Sound of sirens and a phone ringing.]

TED: Hi, Chris Smith?

Chris Smith from accounting?

Chris Smith from accounting who's responsible for the expense reporting on the Mitchell account?

Oh. OK.

Have you ever heard of the Chris Smith on the Mitchell account?


Any idea how to spell their name?

No. Thanks. I'll keep trying.


TED: Why are there so many Chris Smith's in this company?

SHAREPOINT GUY: Wow! Didn't realize there were so many ways to spell Chris.

You should use SharePoint for this. Phonetic search doesn't matter if they spell it with a C or a K.

TED: But that's not enough. It's hopeless. I am never going to find this person.

SHAREPOINT GUY: With SharePoint you can also search by expertise, geography and responsibility to narrow it down.

It's a cleaner way to do things.

TED: OK. Great! We're all set? Thanks Chris-tine.

I may not be a very good detective. But I still need to track people down. That's why I use SharePoint.