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Begging for Approval

Photo of a stamp that reads "Approved"

Say goodbye to nightmare processes. Say hello to SharePoint and myPortal.

If the video is not displaying, you can download the video in Windows Media format.


[Begging for approval]

[Say goodbye to nightmare processes.]

[Say hello to SharePoint.]

ROBIN: Hi! I need approval on that contract right away. Hello? Ugggh!

[Slams phone down.]

ROBIN: I need approval on...

ADMINISTRATOR: Did you make the changes I requested for the second paragraph?

ROBIN: Change?!

ADMINISTRATOR: On your voice mail.

ROBIN: Voice mail?!




ROBIN: Then in the dream the water cooler turns into a polar bear with ring-tailed lemurs for arms. But they won't give me approval either.

SHAREPOINT GUY: Why not transfer your approval issues to SharePoint? Set up an automated workflow to gather approval and feedback, by sending alerts and emails to the right people. You can even monitor the progress as it unfolds. Like a stream of consciousness.

ROBIN: Yes ma'am. The contract is on it's way. Approval should be a positive process, right? That's why I use SharePoint.


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