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myPortal FAQs

We’ll be answering your questions about myPortal here and in the monthly student and employee e-newsletters.

If you have a question that is not listed below, please forward it to the myPortal team.

Will the portal eliminate the need for me to remember so many different login IDs and passwords?

Yes. Our goal for myPortal is use of a single login ID and password for district-based information services. When the portal launches, faculty and employees will use the same login they use to access their office computers. Students will use the same login they use to access eConnect. Initially, myPortal, eConnect, Outlook, and mySite will use this single login ID and password. Over time, additional services such as eCampus and Library Services will be added.​

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What if I can't sign in to myPortal?

If you can’t sign in to myPortal or you are not in the correct constituency group (Employee, Faculty, Student), it might be because:

  • You haven’t verified your Windows User Name yet.
  • Your account has not been changed yet – you’ll know it’s been changed when you get an email from telling you it’s been changed and ready for Single Sign-On. Please be patient. This will take a few days.

Find out more about the verification process by visiting:

Why do I need to "verify" as a first step toward Single Sign-On?

In the past, DCCCD employees needed two user IDs to log in to most district services and tools:

  1. the 3x4 login ID (abc1234 — which was used to log in to office computers and email)
  2. the e7 login ID (e1234567 — which was used to log in to eConnect and eCampus)

For Single Sign-On to work, IT needs to match each employee’s 3x4 login ID to their “matching” e7 login ID.

IT has matched up most everyone’s IDs, but they need each employee to verify that the match is correct or provide the missing information when no match could be made.

All employees must verify by February 10, 2014, to have access to eConnect.

For more background information, read J.D. Haight’s blog post about verification (login required).

Will myPortal replace the district tools I already use?

No, myPortal is not intended to replace any existing district tools. myPortal is an additional service that will provide you access to many of the district tools and resources you're already using from a single website. With myPortal, you'll be able to access these tools securely at work, at home or while traveling -- anywhere you have access to a Web browser.

Will we need special training to use myPortal?

Most users won’t need to attend special training. How-to videos on the site will guide you through the most common uses. In addition, because myPortal is built using Microsoft’s SharePoint Services, guides on how to use many of the features within myPortal can be found with a quick Internet search. For administrators of Information Sites and Team Sites, additional training will be required.

What is a Constituency Site?

myPortal currently has three constituencies: students, faculty and employees. A Constituency Site is the main page you see after logging in. It gives you access to information and services that are targeted to your role in the organization:

  • Your Outlook calendar (employees only)
  • Your Outlook email (employees only)
  • Your Team Sites
  • Important notifications and announcements
  • News and events
  • Links to frequently used websites and Web services
  • Weather

Watch a video explanation.

What is a Team Site?

A Team Site is a specialized site within myPortal that provides a central place for storage of and collaboration on documents, as well as shared discussions, information, calendars and more. Team Sites will allow members of teams, workgroups and councils across the district to collaborate in a secure environment, accessible on most any Internet-enabled device.

Watch a video explanation of the differences between Constituency Sites, Team Sites and mySites.

What is a mySite?

mySite is a personalized, customizable website for DCCCD employees. It’s where you can share information about yourself with other employees and students — your areas of expertise, current projects and colleague relationships. You can also view, manage and store all of your documents, tasks, links, calendar, contact information for colleagues and other personal information. Want to publish a blog for your co-workers about information that affects them? mySite gives you the ability to do that.

Will I be able to access my email through the portal?

Yes! myPortal will not only give you access to a Web-based version of your Outlook email but also collect and display information from your Outlook calendars and tasks.

Will I be able to access the portal from home?

Yes! The portal is cross-platform and cross-browser compatible, meaning you’ll be able to access myPortal services on most Internet-enabled devices from anywhere in the world.

What are the social networking features of the portal?

The portal offers many features similar in function to popular social networks. Along with personal profile pages (mySites), myPortal will allow users to share photos, blogs, wikis and more. This information can also be combined into personal activity feeds that stay updated with what your colleagues are sharing on the site.

Watch a video explanation.

How will myPortal affect my daily work?

As myPortal adoption increases, the integration of the service into our daily workflow will rise more and more. Depending on your position, myPortal offers countless tools for improving your workflow, ability to collaborate and efficiency. For a brief overview of how myPortal works, please take a few minutes to watch the SharePoint in Plain English video.

How much disk space will we receive for personal and team document storage?

We are in the process of determining how much disk space we can provide individuals and teams for document storage.

How will we request additional disk space should we run out?

We are in the process of establishing a process for requesting additional disk space.

Will our existing U:, P: and Q: files be uploaded to the server?

Your current documents and files will not be automatically uploaded to myPortal or mySite. However, there are several options for adding your current and future content to the portal. You can connect myPortal to Office and/or sync folders on your desktop to SharePoint Workspaces.

Will there be enough "bandwidth" to serve myPortal in addition to Colleague UI and eConnect?

The short answer is yes. The portal is not expected to impose additional strains on bandwidth for district-based services. Separately, District Service Center is aware of speed and response issues related specifically to Colleague and eConnect and is diligently working with vendors to improve the overall experience.

Will teams be able to publish documents and pages to the constituencies within the portal?

Teams will be able to share documents and pages with the various constituencies within myPortal on Information Sites. Each college and location will have control over the content on the Information Sites within their areas of myPortal.

Why do many of the Student Information Sites link back to the district website or pull information from the district website into myPortal?

We provide that information as a convenience for our students so they don’t have to toggle back and forth between two websites.

  • External information is hosted on the district website.
  • Internal-only information is hosted on myPortal.
  • Information needed by both external and internal audiences is hosted on the district website. Why? We don’t want to duplicate our efforts or run the risk of publishing inconsistent or outdated content (by updating one and forgetting to update the other).

Who can publish announcements, news and events on myPortal?

To publish announcements, news or events in the College Announcements, News and Events sections, contact your college’s Marketing Office. Upon approval, they will either post the item(s) for you or give you access to the system and teach you how to post the items yourself.

If you want to publish a districtwide announcement, news or events, contact the Internet Publishing Team at

What Internet browser works best with myPortal?

For best results, use Internet Explorer. myPortal supports several commonly used Web browsers. However, certain Web browsers might cause some myPortal functionality to be downgraded, limited or available only through alternative steps. In some cases, functionality might be unavailable for noncritical administrative tasks.​

Why am I unable to view a list in Datasheet view?

When you click the List tab and then click Datasheet view on a myPortal site, you receive the following error message:

The list cannot be displayed in Datasheet view for one or more of the following reasons:

  • A datasheet component compatible with Microsoft SharePoint Foundation is not installed.
  • Your Web browser does not support ActiveX controls.
  • A component is not properly configured for 32-bit or 64-bit support.

To solve this issue, install "2007 Office System Driver: Data Connectivity Components."