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What Is myPortal?

myPortal graphic

myPortal is a collection of services that will make it quicker and easier for students, faculty and employees to access the Web services, information and websites they need in one convenient location.

The myPortal website will combine Colleague information and services with Microsoft SharePoint Web publishing, collaboration and social networking tools. (SharePoint is the technology platform used to publish the district and several college websites.) In turn, SharePoint tightly integrates with Microsoft Office applications and the district’s new Microsoft Outlook/Exchange email system. The result will be an intuitive, Web-based workspace students, faculty and employees can use for their day-to-day work.

Students, faculty and employees will each have a portal landing page with similar layouts and functionality, optimized by design for their needs and containing information specifically targeted and relevant to them.

Find out how myPortal can improve your daily workflow by watching our myPortal introduction videos.

Who Is Creating the Portal?

Implementing a portal is a large, complex project that requires deployment of new systems and integration with existing systems. To help ensure the project’s success, we have enlisted employees throughout the district to provide their expertise and share their perspective as stakeholders.

Ed DesPlas is the executive sponsor of the project.

J.D. Haight serves as project manager.

Rik Jones serves as project lead.

Below is a list of the seven teams responsible for creating the portal. Each has a different area of responsibility:

Adoption Team — Georgeann Moss, chair

Members: Martha Billman, Jonathan Blundell, Rae DeShong, Greg Elkins, Gina Federer, Genevieve Gibson, Lucia Johnson, Rik Jones, Kate Kelley, Sheryl Lumbley, Jodie Rexroat, Robert Rosenbalm, Glenn Stone, Ami Stovall

Communications Team — Jim Handy, chair

Members: Angela Auzenne, Henri Dally, April Ellis, Greg Gross, Ann Hatch, Rik Jones, Alejandra Marrufo, Shanee Moore, Juanita Ocanas, Joe Olivares, Carrie Pratt, Dawn Segroves, Dina Sosa-Hegarty, Clayton Stephens, Brenda Welcome

Content Contributors Team — Jon Novak, chair

Members: Ella Barber, Ann Coder, Dawn Hellmund, LaKendra Higgs, Rik Jones, Noni Kirk, Rick Rosen, Robert Rosenbalm

Governance Team — J.D. Haight, chair

Members: Luis Camacho, Velma Hargis, Rik Jones, Georgeann Moss, Emilio Ramos, Tony Summers

Implementation Team — J.D. Haight, chair

Members: Audra Barrett, Luis Camacho, Nancy Cure, Glenda Garrett, Jim Handy, Rik Jones, Rod Lamb, Georgeann Moss, Jon Novak, Aaron Stanton, Jamie Templeton, Thoa Vo

Taxonomy Team — Georgeann Moss and Jon Novak, co-chairs

Members: Gemmy Allen, Ethan Compton, Nancy Faris, Joanna Jordan, LaShawn Grant, Norm Howden, Rik Jones, Dan Luciani, Tracy Stegmair, Becky Witherspoon

Technical Team — J.D. Haight, chair

Members: Marvin Bechtold, Martha Billman, Lil Calbridge, Ethan Compton, Roger Cox, Randal Frame, Steve Glick, Travis Haapala, Dawn Hellmund, Andre Johnson, Rik Jones, Marc Knox, Rock Leung, Susan Long, Gary Mahagan, Jon Novak, Cody Ridgway, Gwen Spencer, Jamie Templeton, Marquita Thomas, Thomas Thomas, Joe Ward