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Inclement Weather Hot Line Procedures (for District Office employees)


If there is a question as to whether we will be closed due to inclement weather, please use the following procedures to ensure you receive information in a timely manner:

At 6 a.m. the morning of the inclement weather:

  • Dial 214-860-2001.
  • You will hear a recorded message informing you of closings or late openings.

If there is a closing or late opening message, what should I do next?

If your extension is a main number, dial into your mailbox and place a closing greeting (informing callers of our closing).

  • Call the voice mail system at 972-860-7444.
  • When system answers, hit *, then your mailbox number, then #.
  • System asks for your passcode: Dial that, then #.
  • When system says “hello, you have ... ," you then dial 4 (for setup options), then 1 for greetings. You will need to record your closing greeting according to which greeting you have turned on at the time (i.e. your standard or alternate greeting). The system will walk you through this.

What should I do if I get a busy signal?

  • Because all of us at this location will be dialing in at the same time, you may experience a busy signal. If so, just hang up and try calling again, as lines should be freed up quickly.

How will I know if we are opening/closing the following day?

  • Dial into the inclement weather hot line (as in the first step above).