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Brookhaven Green Team


Like many of their counterparts, the BHC Green Team has recently taken a lead role in initiating paper recycling on the BHC Campus.

“Going green is a hugely complex process,” Green Team Co-Chair Julie Hanson said. “We decided we’re going to look at paper first and recycle what we can and then also work to reduce the amount of paper we use in the first place.”

As part of their efforts, buildings at BHC are assigned to team members who make personal visits to each office and department to offer paper recycling bins for the various areas. Members of the campus facility team then work to arrange the pick-up and emptying of the bins.

“We wanted to make sure the sign-up process was person-to-person, rather than simply sending out a mass e-mail to everyone,” Hanson said. “So far we’ve managed to get recycling bins to all the departments that have requested them.”

The Green Team also worked with the BHC Visual Communications department to design and publish Green Awareness bookmarks that are distributed campus wide.

“The bookmarks have worked out great,” Hanson said. “We’re not using a ton of paper to create them and they offer general information on recycling along with the team’s mission statement.”

The bookmarks also offer a quick reference guide as to what can be recycled in the school’s bins.

“Our biggest challenge is to get people used to use recycling bins,” Hanson said. “We’re working to increase communication so that it becomes a way of life.”
The BHC Green Team mission: “To work and learn green at Brookhaven College means to create a community in which we incorporate the three R’s, Reduce Recycle and Raise Awareness into our daily lives.”

The BHC Green Team is led by Julie Hanson and Stephanie Sarles.