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Institutional Research

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The District Office of Institutional Research (DOIR) provides information to support:

  • fact-based decision making
  • assessment of student outcomes
  • institutional effectiveness
  • external reporting

If you have questions about the reports available on this page, please contact us.  Can’t find the information you need on our site? Then please fill out a Data Analysis Request Form. Have questions on how to complete the form? Review our Policies and Procedures.

Enrollment Trend Data
— These reports show trends in enrollment, retention and completion among credit students within different demographic categories. Credit student segments in these reports include ethnicity, gender and first time in college (FTIC).

Facts Briefs: Student Statistics — These reports provide data on credit student characteristics in tabular format. Breakdowns are by categories such as college, ethnicity, gender and full-time, part-time and full-time equivalent (FTE) status.

Credit Students Research — See data on students enrolled in credit courses at DCCCD colleges, including Core Curriculum completion statistics, our Facts Briefs “snapshot” reports and districtwide data on grade distributions.

Continuing Education Student Statistics — See statistics on continuing education students who enroll during a particular quarter or academic year. Data include enrollment by district and by college, as well as student age, ethnicity and gender.

Data From External Sources — View information about DCCCD and its colleges as well as comparison data from other colleges nationwide via U.S. Department of Education and Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board Web sites.

View additional DCCCD research reports (old IR Web site).

Contact Us — Get contact information for the District Office of Institutional Research (DOIR) and the location (college) institutional research offices, or learn more about DOIR.