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College of the Southwest

Dallas County Community College District students who wish to attend either Huston-Tillotson University or the College of the Southwest now can seamlessly transfer their associate degree credits and count those hours toward a bachelor's degree at either four-year institution. DCCCD and university officials have signed new transfer agreements that enable students to continue their education and to avoid repeating any classes that they have taken and passed within the district.

DCCCD's agreement with Huston-Tillotson states that all associate degrees from DCCCD in arts, arts in teaching and arts in sciences will transfer as a completed block in its entirety to the university. DCCCD graduates do not have to repeat any lower-division requirements at Huston-Tillotson if they transfer with a 2.0 minimum grade point average, which guarantees them admission to the university.

In turn, DCCCD graduates who transfer to Huston-Tillotson in Austin must meet all applicable requirements and deadlines pertaining to application for admission, orientation and registration, and payment of tuition and fees. Additionally, students who complete and pass DCCCD's 48-hour core curriculum requirement can transfer those courses as a block; these hours will be accepted as a component of an associate degree or as a stand-alone general education block that is not affiliated with an associate degree.

DCCCD's agreement with the College of the Southwest, located in Hobbs, N.M., says that CSW will accept applications from DCCCD transfer students into any of the college's related bachelor's degree programs. Those DCCCD transfer students must meet the same admissions criteria as other students who are applying for admission to CSW. DCCCD students who have completed or who will complete an associate degree in arts or sciences by the time they enroll in classes at CSW will not be required to pay the CSW application fee.

DCCCD transfer students who graduate with an associate degree in arts or sciences (AA or AS); who are applying to a related degree program at CSW; and who have a cumulative GPA of at least 2.0 are guaranteed admission to CSW. Once they are admitted to the college, those students are subject to all other policies, procedures and services outlined in the CSW catalog. DCCCD students will have their entire degree program transferred to CSW, which will enable them to complete their related bachelor's degree programs at the college in two years of full-time study.

In both agreements, officials from all institutions will continue to review the transfer process, keep each other informed and amend agreements as needed.