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The Art Institute of Dallas

All DCCCD associate degrees in arts, teaching and applied sciences will transfer as a block to the AID; courses are not examined separately to determine whether they are eligible for transfer. DCCCD graduates will not have to repeat lower-division requirements at the AID, and they are guaranteed admission to the institute if they have a minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.0. Those students who wish to transfer without an associate degree from DCCCD in interior design, who have all courses number 1000 and above and who have a grade of “C” or better will be accepted for transfer; those credits will be treated as an elective, general education requirement or an exemption or replacement for a required course. DCCCD students also must meet all of the AID’s applicable requirements and deadlines pertaining to their application for admission, orientation, registration and payment of tuition and fees.

DCCCD and the AID officials met and formalized this agreement during a signing ceremony in December 2006. “We are excited to provide this transfer option to DCCCD students, and we look forward to our continuing partnership with the Art Institute of Dallas,” said Dr. Micheal Jackson, interim president of El Centro College. Participants at the ceremony also signed a similar agreement with the Art Institute of Houston.